21 Secrets Behind Viral Infographics [Infographic]

If you’ve seen my blog then you know I LOVE infographics.

Since I started publishing infographics my website traffic and engagement has grown, plus I’ve been able to create some incredible co-branding and partnership opportunities with people in my industry!

One of those awesome people is Jeff Bullas.

Jeff and I know a thing or two about what makes an infographic go viral.

Actually, we know 21 things

Bonus: Click here to get my 20-point infographic creation PDF swipe file and a complete infographic “teardown” video.

21 Secrets Behind Viral Infographics

(Click here to see the original article on Jeff’s blog)

Need more help? Here are few bonuses to guide you along.


I want to make it ridiculously easy for you to create a viral infographic so I’m giving you several bonus resources to help:

  • First, I put together a PDF “swipe file” with my entire 20-step infographic creation checklist
  • Second, I’ve included a “teardown” video where you can watch me reverse engineer an entire infographic (backstage pass to how I make infographics)

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