How-To Generate Veterinarian Clinic Leads For $15 Each Using Facebook Ads [Case Study]

In this case study I’m going to share the exact campaign that we used to generate $15 leads for the Plaza Del Amo Veterinary Animal Hospital & Pet Keeper.

So if you want to learn how to use Facebook and smart advertising to grow your veterinarian clinic (or your client’s) then this is for you!

But first… A personal note…

Growing up I always wanted to be a veterinarian, but when I got to high school I realized I wasn’t smart enough to take all those science classes. Seriously, it was a struggle…

Then when I got to college and took some biology and animal science classes, my head almost exploded.

Looking back it’s probably a good thing I didn’t pursue that career because I LOVE what I get to do now…

Instead of just helping a few animals, I have the ability to help veterinary clinics help more animals through marketing.

This is just the start of what I hope will be many clinics that I get to work with…

But even if you and I never work together, my hope is that this case study shows you how to help more vet clinics help more animals too.

Let’s dive in…

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Part 1: Start With A Great Offer


One of the main things I look for in new clients is an attractive introductory offer.

If they are using deep discount offer or ideally free offers to get people in the door, I get excited.

That’s because value is created (and money is made) after people experience your business.

Getting people in the door is the hard part so you need something that’s really going to drive them to take action…

Once they are there, they experience how great your business is and then work their way up your value ladder.

What’s a value ladder? Here’s an example…

In most niches these would be called “upsells.”

But in the medical field, these types of things are only offered to patients and pets who actually need it.

So for this client, we offered a free pet exam (for both dog and cat owners) which was worth $57.

This would allow people to experience what a great clinic and staff this hospital has so they will keep bringing their pet(s) back in the future.

Part 2: Ad Creative & Copy


For this client we actually ran 4 different ad images.

2 were of dogs (for dog owners) and 2 were of cats (for cat owners).

For whatever reason, the ad below was the clear winner (that’s why we test!).

Part 3: Ad Details


Ad Objective: Clicks To Website

Impressions: 18,309

(How many people saw the ad.)

Frequency: 1.24

(How many times people saw the ad on average.)

Clicks to Website: 490

Cost Per Click: $0.61

Total Cost: $300

Relevancy Score: 6

(Score out of 1-10 how relevant the ad was to people who saw it.)

Headline: FREE: Cat Health Exam [$57 Value]


Attention South Bay cat owners! We’re giving away FREE health exams for first-time visitors. (Only 20 available)

If you want to keep your cat healthy and happy click below to download your coupon now! 🐱

(For dog owners we changed “cat” to “dog” and used a dog emoji)

Call To Action: Download

Part 4: Campaign Results


Before we got started (like I do with all clients) I found out what their target cost per lead was…

Being owned by a corporate company, this veterinary clinic had their numbers down.

For them, if they could generate leads for under $50, they were happy.

It seemed a little high to me but when you consider the lifetime value of a single customer, it was pennies to them.

So during the 10 days this campaign ran, here were the results:

Leads Generated: 20

Cost Per Lead: $15

The 4% conversion rate is not ideal, but this was to a “cold audience.” Meaning it was people who have never heard of my client before.

To increase that number we’d A/B test the landing page and create “lookalike” audiences inside Facebook from the people who opted-in.

Part 5: Turning Traffic Into Leads


So what happens when people click on the ad?

They were taken to a highly simple landing page that you can see below.

We restated the offer they would receive, included some social proof and injected some scarcity by saying “9 coupons remaining…”

Note there’s only one action for them to take on this page.

There are no other links or distractions that would keep them from giving us their contact information.

(Landing page)

After they completed that page, they were taken to a “thank you page” where we encourage them to schedule their appointment right away by offering a bonus.

(Thank you page)

Here’s What You Should Do Next


Learning what has worked for others is just the first step.

But if you really want to maximize your potential online, you need to understand the powerful tools that you have at your fingertips…

That’s why I put together this bonus, on-demand video that you can get access to below.

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