How-To Generate Home Seller Real Estate Leads For Less Than $18 Each [Case Study]

Do you want to generate more home seller leads for your business?

Maybe you’re a Facebook advertiser who wants to sharpen your skills for your clients?

Regardless of why you’re here, this what is what I’m about to show you…

  • How I get home seller leads for my clients for less than $18 each.
  • The exact ads, images, copy and pages that I used.
  • All the details you need to do the same thing.

Ready to dive in? Let’s do this!

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Part 1: Understand That People Are Skeptical Online


Here’s the BIG problem with generating leads online…

People are super skeptical of sharing their contact information.

That’s why you need to make an extremely enticing offer in order for them to feel that it’s worth giving up their precious email and phone number.

But here’s what I love about real estate…

In a perfect world, everyone would give us their contact information.

But in real estate… you can collected their addresses too.

From direct mail to templated letters and more, there’s a number of creative ways you can turn an address into a lead.

Knowing that we’d scare people away on the first page if we asked for their name, email and phone number, instead we just asked for their address.

Here’s what the page looked like…

Step 1: Collect Their Property Address

Almost 29% of all the people who saw this page entered their address… (Not too shabby for cold traffic)

Again the goal here is to collect (at the very least) an address even if they don’t complete the next step.

On the second page, we use the exact same design but just tweaked the copy a bit and NOW we’re asking for their contact info.

Step 2: Collect Name, Email & Phone Number

20% of the people who came to this page gave us their information.

This is exactly why we break this up into 2 steps…

It makes it easier for them complete the process and become a lead.

The other 80% would have never gave us their address if these form fields were on the first page.

For this client we’re using a tool called LeadPages, but there are a number of other options for building landing pages.

(If you want to get my exact templates and copy them right into your LeadPages account, check out the Laptop Empire Lab where they are available.)

So how do we actually get people to this page to collect their information?

There are lots of options, but we focused on Facebook ads

Part 2: Ad Creative & Copy


In the ad we used the same exact image from the background of the page above.

Doing this creates congruency between the ad and the page people land on.

That consistency makes people feel like they’re in the right place and are more likely to complete the process.

Notice how we’re calling out a specific group of people: “Glendora homeowners”

And how we’re explaining the benefit of acting now: “How prices have drastically increased this year” “Get a free estimate”

Part 3: Ad Details


Impressions: 12,078

(How many people saw the ad.)

Frequency: 2.06

(How many times people saw the ad on average.)

Clicks to Website: 269

Cost Per Click: $1.16

Total Cost: $312.06

Relevancy Score: 7

(Score out of 1-10 how relevant the ad was to people who saw it.)


  • Everyone in Glendora
  • Homeowners

Headline: Home prices UP in Glendora (What’s Yours Worth?)


Attention Glendora homeowners! Home prices have dramatically increased this year.

Wondering what your property is worth? Click below to find out…

Call To Action: Learn More

Part 4: Campaign Results (So Far)


I know I know…

The title of this blog post already gave the results away.

But before I share the exact numbers, consider this for a moment:

In the past, this particular client (like many others) would spend 3X the cost of this ad on a single direct mail campaign and only get 1, maybe 2 responses if she was lucky.

Not a very good ROI…

However, with this campaign that we created, we’ve given her a more reliable and cost-effective way to generate leads while building 24/7 brand awareness in her community.

So here’s how the campaign has performed in just 3 short weeks.

(The ad is still running at the writing of this case study)

Addresses generated: 87

Leads generated: 20

Cost per address: $3.58

Cost per lead: $15.60

This is why Part #1 is so important…

Without creating a 2-step process, we would have lost 67 addresses and potential leads.

Part 5: Will It Work For You?


So you’re probably wondering if this will work for you or not?

Well I wanted to make sure that the campaign above wasn’t just a fluke.

So I tested it out for another real estate agent from Lodi, CA.

Here’s the ad… Look familiar?

For 7 days we tested the same exact campaign in his city.

Ad spend: $107.32.

Addresses generated: 25

Lead generated: 6

Cost per address: $4.29

Cost per lead: $17.83

Almost identical conversion rates as the other campaign.

As a marketer… This kind of stuff makes me ecstatic!

That’s why I’m sharing it with you. 😉

Part 6: How You Can Do This Too


While I won’t claim that this is the most complex campaign out there, there is a lot of nuance and strategy most people overlook.

But with this case study my goal was to not only show you my results, but give you the details you need to make it work all by yourself. (If that’s what you want to do…)

Here’s the gist of what we covered for you skimmers:

  • Choose a city and create your 2 opt-in pages.
  • Create an ad that compliments those pages.
  • Run that ad on Facebook to the right groups of people.
  • Collect and followup with all leads in a timely manner.

Not too overly complicated… Right?

But maybe you’re already running a successful real estate business?

Or maybe you’re working with a top producing agent right now?

There’s a good chance you don’t even want to think about all this stuff, you just want fresh leads for your growing business.

If that sounds like you and you’re interested in working with me on your Facebook ads…

Click here to book a time on a calendar so we can speak.

To create the best experience for me and my clients, I only choose ones who I’m confident I can get results for based on your current business.

If this is just a hobby to you or you’re just starting out, my services are probably not right for you.

Alright enough with the pitch…

Here’s What You Should Do Next


Learning what has worked for others is just the first step.

But if you really want to maximize your potential on Facebook, you need to understand the powerful tools that you have at your fingertips…

That’s why I put together this bonus, on-demand video that you can get access to below.

Here’s what we’re going to cover:

  • The Pixel: A line of code you add to your website that let’s Facebook track what people do on your website and enable you to “retarget” them at a later time.
  • Audiences: The groups of people that you target to show your ads to. Can be built from email lists, website visitors, people who interact with your brand online and more.
  • Irresistible Offers: Giving people a good reason to come into your business is key. Creating urgency and scarcity (legitimately) is the best way to do this.
  • Brand Awareness Campaigns: People don’t want to see sales ads from businesses they’ve never heard of. Campaigns that generate local awareness get your “foot in the door” so people are expecting to hear from you again.
  • Great Design & Copy: The real secret to making Facebook ads work is beautifully designed ads with strong copy that makes people act.
Free Video Training: Want me to break down the exact strategies we’re using to help our clients compete and win online? Click here to watch the video.









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