How To Turn $194 in Facebook Ads into $100,000 in Patio Furniture Sales [Case Study]

Facebook is arguably the most effective outreach and marketing platform ever created.

Put it like this:

According to Pew Research, 7 out of 10 people in America have a Facebook account.

That being said, you can quickly spend money on Facebook with little to show for your investment if you don’t have the right strategy in place.

You can’t simply click “Boost Post” and expect dollars to start pouring in…

You need to be smart. That’s why I want to share this case study with you!

You’re about to see how I turned $194 in Facebook Ads into over $100,000 in sales for one of my clients.

This client owns a high-end patio furniture store and wanted to drive more people into their showroom for an annual 4th of July Sales event.

Here’s how we did it…

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Part 1: Build A Warm Audience


Most furniture stores (and local businesses in general) just scream “BUY BUY BUY” in their advertising.

That’s dumb… People hate being sold to.

They want to come to their own decisions about what they want to buy.

That where all of your content comes into play.

Luckily, we had already been creating a lot of great content and resources for this client.

We had a little bit of everything:

  • Blog posts
  • eBooks
  • Buying guides
  • Ideabooks
  • Infographics

Here are a few examples:

Sharing this type of content on Facebook (and around the web) does 2 very important things for us:

  1. It build our “retargeting” list on Facebook of people who have visited our website and engaged with our content. That builds our “warm audience.”
  2. It builds our email list so we can create “custom audiences” of those people in Facebook AND measure the ROI of our campaigns.

Here are some other things you can do to create brand awareness on Facebook and build a warm audience:

  • Live video streams
  • Contests
  • Customer stories / testimonials
  • Videos / slideshows / visuals / photos
  • Run “Like” campaigns to get more pages likes and build social proof

Part 2: Sales Ad Creative & Copy


So before we dive into all the ad details for this case study…

Here’s a quick look at the ad that you would have seen in your news feed.

Newsfeed ad creative and copy:

Take note that we’re incentivizing people to come and visit the showroom by offering “up to 50% off” and we’re not just promoting the sale or showroom it self.

Even though every product wasn’t 50% off, we used “up to” to make the sale sound more enticing by focusing on the biggest discounts.

Part 3: Ad Details


Impressions: 30,644

Frequency: 2.13

Clicks To Website: 1,085

Cost Per Click: $0.18

Total Cost: $194.24


  • Custom audience: Website traffic
  • Custom audience: Email list
  • Lookalike audience: Website Traffic
  • Lookalike audience: Email list
  • Page Fans (and their friends)
  • Everyone between 30-65 years old within 15 miles of the showroom

Headline: Locals Only: 50% Off Patio Furniture, Grills & More

Text: Getting ready for that 4th of July party? Save up to 50% on patio furniture, grills, fountains and more for a limited time at Outdoor Elegance showroom in La Verne…

Newsfeed Description: The largest display of luxury outdoor furniture, wood and gas grills, outdoor fireplaces, patio umbrellas, fountains & statuary in California.

Call To Action Button: No call to action. (Make the ad look less like an ad)

Landing Page (when someone clicked the ad they were taken to a website page with the following details): Our goal with the landing page was to show off the variety of products they had on sale so we could appeal to different people.

More importantly, we include a clear place for them to get it contact with the sales team.

That’s one of the ways we track ROI… But more on that in a bit.

Here’s what the landing page looked like:

Part 4: The Results


It’s funny… Before I heard that my client had done over 100K from that campaign, I just had a feeling we had knocked it out of the park.

Why’s that?

Well I didn’t heard from that client for over a week, which typically means they are busy writing and delivering orders.

So when the dust finally settled, I shot a text message over to one of the guys on their sales team.

Here’s our conversation:

“About 100” thousand dollars is nothing to sneeze at

But I wanted to dive deeper.

I wanted to see how much they actually earned during that sales event.

So I had the sales manager pull the numbers for me and here were the totals:

For those who are counting, that’s $106,496.11 in sales during the sale which spanned from June 27th – July 10th.

So you’re probably wondering how we confirmed that customers were actually coming from Facebook?

Good question!

For this client, there are 3 ways we measure ROI:

  • First, we match people who opted-in on the sales event landing page (or downloaded a lead magnet) against their closed customer list.
  • Second, we look at who engaged with our sales ad on Facebook (liked, commented, shared, etc.) and match those names against their closed customer list.
  • Third, the sales team asks every customer where they heard about us. Can you guess where most people said they saw our ad? Some said our email newsletter, but the majority said Facebook!

Another smart way you measure the ROI of your campaigns is to create a Facebook event.

That way you can track your customer lists against the people who RSVPd or “showed interest” in the event. Plus, anyone can personally “invite” their Facebook friends to join the event which creates free word-of-mouth.

Part 5: How To Use These Strategies For Your Local Business


Even if you don’t sell patio furniture, I’m confident the principles that I laid out here can help almost any local, brick-and-mortar business.

Restaurants, bars, gyms, barber shops, clothing retailers, doctor’s offices, chiropractors, plastic surgeons, and everyone in between!

Here’s how you can apply these strategies in your business:

  • Create content for brand awareness: People want to buy from people/brands they know, like and trust. Helpful content that’s valuable to your target audience and builds credibility before you ask them to make a purchase.
  • Target “warm audiences” with offers: Earlier we discussed how it’s not a good idea to hit random people over the head with a “buy now” sign. In the same way, you want to show your opt-in offers (like lead magnets, sales offers, events, etc.) to the people who have already engaged with your brand.
  • Offer something that will make someone get off Facebook and into your business: Here’s where the magic happens (and where you need to get creative). Based on what you’re selling and who your target audience is, you’ll need to craft some kind of offer that makes people take action and come into your business. That can be a redeemable coupon, VIP event, complimentary service/consultation, contest, etc.
  • Encourage opt-ins and engagement so you can track your ROI: Whether you’re a store owner or a consultant running the ads, you need (and want) to know you’re return on investment. The easiest way to do that is encourage people to “opt-in” by entering their name and email to receive your offer. (There are more ideas for tracking ROI in the last section in case you missed it!)

Alright let’s wrap this up!

Summary (Plus, What You Should Do Next…)


Learning what has worked for others is just the first step.

But if you really want to maximize your potential online, you need to understand the powerful tools that you have at your fingertips…

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Free Video Training: Want me to break down the exact strategies we’re using to help our clients compete and win online? Click here to watch the video.