Redesign Your Website With A Purpose

From planning through design/development and launch, we’ll help you create a beautifully-designed website that’s easy to navigate on any device and built to turn cold visitors into warm leads.

Your Website Will Be Built For…

Leads & Conversions

Our main focus is to turn your static, information-based website into a lead generation machine by sending visitors through a “funnel.”

Search Engines

We make sure that people in the areas you serve can find your new website by optimizing everything for search engines like Google.

Any Device

Your website visitors will have a flawless user-experience whether they’re on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.


We make sure to backup and secure all your website files so you never have to worry about loosing your data (or your mind) if something bad were to occur.

Who Is This For?

Your Website Needs An Upgrade


We like working with business who already have a website but know that it’s starting to show it’s age and are in need of a BIG upgrade.

Quality > Price


We only work with businesses who want things done the right way, not the cheap way. We focus on the amount of value we can bring your business and the quality of our work and our prices reflect that.

Home & Garden


Typically we work with businesses in the Home & Garden niche like patio furniture stores, flooring, interior decorating, etc. Once in a while we’ll make an exception to this rule.

What Does Our Process Look Like?

Step 1: Analyze


Before we start your redesign it’s crucial that we get a benchmark on how your current website is performing.


Working with you we’ll also identify what’s working and not working on your current website so we only cary over the best parts.


  • Website and analytics audit
  • Clarify project objectives and scope
  • Structure content/information

Step 2: Gameplan


Once we’ve got a better understanding of where you’re at, we can start talking about where you want to go.


At this stage we’ll create a plan for the structure, design and content of your website so we’re staying true to your brand and speaking to the right people.


  • Target audience research and development
  • Brand identity
  • Outline main “template” pages (wireframe)

Step 3: Design & Development


Now we’re moving onto the “fun” stuff! Once the plan is approved we’ll get right to work crafting your website.


Our designs and layouts are based on best-practices and years of experience.


Once the website is completed to your satisfaction, we’ll backup and take down the old website then launch your new one in it’s place.


  • Site design and layout
  • Content creation
  • Development
  • User testing
  • Final review & launch

Step 4: Continuous Improvements


We know that once a website is finished, it’s just the beginning of it’s life.


In order for it to be successful you need to continuously make updates that share new information and create a better user-experience so your website never becomes dated.


  • Plan post-launch support
  • Analyze data and optimize
  • Additional features / plugins

Beautiful Design + User Experience = Conversions

Brian helped us bring our website up to date in a timely and affordable manner. His team not only built the new website, but helped us define what we wanted and mapped a plan to get there. Now we get many compliments on our website and the traffic is WAY up!

Leisa M. Marketing Director, O.W. Lee

Brian is not only a great marketer, he has a creative mind too. He knows the ins and outs of designing content, how to tell a great story, and present it professionally. His content is absolutely spot on.

Ehsan J. Forbes Top 20 Marketer

How Much Does A Website Redesign Cost?


The cost of your project will depend on the size and complexity of your website. On average our projects range from $10,000 – $20,000 while smaller websites average around $6,000.

Are We A Good Fit? Let’s Talk…


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