Content Design Services for Course Creators & Membership Site Owners


This is a done-for-you service where we take the content from your course(s) and/or membership site and turn the design up to 11 so you can create a high-quality experience for your customers.


What You’ll Get

Outsource Your Content Design

Benefit: Give your product(s) a more refined, professional look and feel that makes people more confident they’re investing in a quality product which leads to increased sales and retention.

Exhaustive Style Options

Benefit: Regardless of your branding, niche or product we can craft beautiful, professional designs and styles to match any unique combination.

Access To Editable Files

Benefit: We won’t just hand you the PDFs when we’re done, you get access to the editable files so you can make your own edits and additions into the future.

How Does It Work?


We handle all of the design details you don’t want to think about so you can focus on your core content and training.

1. Collect Assets


We’ll start by collecting your course outlines, documents, old PDFs, branding, etc. This will give us the roadmap we need create a style that matches your brand, personality and course content.

2. Create First Draft


Using the assets collected in step #1, we’ll create drafts of the various slide decks, PDFs, etc. that you might need. This will serve as the first draft that will be refined based on your feedback.

3. Feedback & Refinements


We’re confident that we can quickly create a style that you love quickly, but in case you need/want to change or refine any aspect of the design, we glad provide unlimited design revisions (within reason 😉) so you’re guaranteed to love the end result.

4. Final Draft & Files


Instead of just giving you the PDFs to use, we provide you with the final editable files (available in Keynote and PowerPoint) to make any future additions or changes. You own everything!



I’ve worked with a number of top brands and content creators around the world. Here’s a recent testimonial and a few examples of my work…

Custom Course Content Design


$4,000 Per Project

(With option to split into two payments.)


• Custom design/style for each campaign

• Unlimited refinements

• End-to-end content design (slides, PDFs, homework, etc.)

• A “project” may include up to 8 module decks, 8 module PDF summaries, 8 homework PDF, 1 webinar deck and 1 lead magnet PDFs or infographic. 

• Quick 30-day turnaround 

• Satisfaction guaranteed

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