How-To Land Your First (Or Next) Monthly Retainer Marketing Client [Infographic]

I’m a firm believer in the power of retainers.

When you can get clients to pay you every month it’s a beautiful thing

  • You can stop jumping from project to project.
  • You start building up your monthly recurring revenue (MRR).
  • You can start hiring sub-contractors who work for you.
  • You’re not stressed trying to close new deals all the time.
  • And that’s just scratching the surface…

That’s why I put together this infographic.

So you can learn what it takes to land your first (or next) monthly retainer marketing client for your freelance or consulting business.

Let’s dive in…


Brian Downard

Brian Downard

Hey thanks for being here! My name is Brian Downard, I'm the Founder of BD Ventures, a digital marketing consulting company that helps entrepreneurs and business leaders get the advice, tools and resources they need to win online.
Brian Downard