How To Overcome Fear When Starting A Business with Ash Kumra | Laptop Empires 006

In this episode of Laptop Empires we’ve got Ash Kumra from Youngry talking about how to overcome fear as an entrepreneur at any level of the game.

All of the best business strategies and tactics in the world are useless if you’re immobilized by fear.

Fear comes in many different shapes and sizes but it’s usually the #1 thing standing in the way for entrepreneurs.

From the high-school graduate who can’t decide whether to go to college or start a business all the way up to the multi-million dollar business owner who looses it all because he or she was unwilling to change with the times. (Remember Blockbuster?)

That’s why I wanted to bring Ash Kumra from Youngry onto the show to break down a few ways to overcome fear in your business and life so you can make better decisions.

Topics Discussed

– Why talking about “fear” is important and where fear comes from.
– Why you should eliminate the word “failure” from your vocabulary.
– The #1 thing people are afraid of. (it’s not failure and it’s not spiders)
– Barriers that hold people back from growing their business beyond a “startup.”
– Specific strategies and tips for overcoming fear and not feeling alone.


Brian Downard

Brian Downard

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