How To Onboard New Marketing Clients Quickly | Laptop Empires 015

In this episode of Laptop Empires, Brian is going to share how to quickly and painlessly onboard a new marketing clients so you can starting getting them results fast so you can move onto the next deal.

Here’s what we’ll cover:
– How to set expectations so your client knows what you will and WON’T do.
– How to avoid the dreaded proposal and send something simpler, that gets their signature.
– How to get paid quickly with simple accounting software (that even does your taxes)
– What you need to get from the client to set yourself up for success and get started on the right foot.
– BONUS: How to get quick results for any client, regardless of what you’re selling.

What should I talk about next? Please leave a comment below letting me know.


Brian Downard

Brian Downard

Hey thanks for being here! My name is Brian Downard, I'm the Founder of BD Ventures, a digital marketing consulting company that helps entrepreneurs and business leaders get the advice, tools and resources they need to win online.
Brian Downard