9 Ways to Save Time and Money With Marketing Automation (Infographic)

Automation is the holy grail of marketing…

When used effectively, you can stop trading your precious time for money and let technology make money for you.

The best part?

With all the great tools available, marketing automation is easier than ever…

In order to show you which automatons to focus on first, My friend Ehsan Jahandarpour and I decided to create an infographic for Entrepreneur Magazine with 9 ideas you can use right away.

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9 Ways to Save Time and Money With Marketing Automation

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Automating repetitive marketing tasks such as emails, social media and other website actions gives you more free time to focus on more important tasks. Here are nine automations you should be using.

#1 Social Media Updates & Posts

When you automate your social posts and ads you’ll save more than 6 hours per week on social media management and keep your profiles updated with fresh content.

#2 Dynamic Content

Businesses who show visitors personalized offers and content based on their past browsing and shopping history see an average increase of 20% in sales. Amazon does this better than anyone else.

#3 Content Amplification

Smart content marketers know the important of influencer outreach. You can increase your reply rate by 250% by automating your outreach and followup emails.

#4 Client Reservations & Appointments

Setting client appointments or meetings with an automated tool can save 80% of your time on scheduling and workforce management.

#5 Lead Management

Companies that automate lead nurturing with well-timed emails and offers see a 10% or greater increase in revenue.

#6 Post-Purchase Email Series

It costs 5-30X more to acquire a new customer than to retain one. That’s why automating followup emails are a powerful way to engage and upsell new customers.

#7 Lead Scoring & Segmenting

68% of B2B marketers are employing both behavioral and demographic scoring to help them identify sales-ready leads for their sales teams.

#8 Upsell Offers

SamCart found that businesses who use one-click upsells when selling their products online can increase their average order size by 360% or more.

#9 Incentive & Loyalty Programs

49% of consumers will gladly switch brands for just a coupon. Make sure that doesn’t happen to you by rewarding customer loyalty and continuously giving them a reason to come back.


Even with the best marketing automations in the world, you should remember your campaigns and messages need to be centered around a real, live person who customers are able to speak with.


Brian Downard

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  • Scott

    Very interesting article. We’ve recently started using GetResponse for marketing automation. This is certainly an interesting way to create campaigns and monitor the results.

    • Brian Downard

      Thanks Scott glad you liked the article. GetResponse is a solid tool. I personally love AWeber, Active Campaign and Convert Kit but they all work similarly.

      The real magic starts when you can layer these automatons based on user actions. Keep me posted on your results!

      • Scott

        I haven’t used anything other than Mailchimp and GetResponse, but I guess you’re right. There are similarities.

        Layering the automations based on user actions… could you recommend me something to read about it? So far, I find marketing automation really interesting and it makes things easier.

        • Brian Downard

          You should definitely check this website out: http://autorespondermadness.com and sign up for their newsletter. Hope that helps!

          • Scott