Grow Your Offline Business

Online with Inbound Marketing 

Do you want to take back customers from your online competitors and seriously amp up your online marketing without sacrificing everything that’s already working in your business?

Old Way vs. New Better Way


Let’s face it… Times have changed and people are discovering businesses in new ways.

Old Way: “Push Marketing”


There’s a better way to market your business in 2018 than mass-broadcasting your message through radio, magazines, newspapers or TV and hoping the right people will see it at the right time.

New Better Way: “Inbound Marketing”


Instead your goal should be at the right place at the right when people are ready to buy from you all while putting your business in front of the people you want to serve so they take action.

Our business has increased by 14% using his inbound marketing services. Not only will Brian go the extra mile he does it with care. If you have him work on a project you will be guaranteed that it will be the best.

Doug S. Owner, Outdoor Elegance

Who Is This For?

You Want To Do Digital Right


Whether you’ve never spent an hour online or you’ve got a solid foundation already, we want to work with businesses who are serious about digital marketing.

Quality > Price


We only work with businesses who want things done the right way, not the cheap way. We focus on the amount of value we can bring your business and the quality of our work and our prices reflect that.

Home & Garden


Typically we work with businesses in the Home & Garden niche like patio furniture stores, flooring, interior decorating, etc. Once in a while we’ll make an exception to this rule.

What Are The Benefits?

Attract More People


Let’s say every week your website gets 100 views and on average, 1 person fills out your contact form.


But what if you had 1,000 views per week? You’d get a lot more leads!


It’s simple, you can’t turn your ideal audience into leads and customers if they don’t know you exists… Here’s how we can get your business in front of more people online:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Did you know that 93% of online experiences start with a search engine like Google? That’s how people find what they want online. We make sure your business is ranked in the top results so more people can find you.


  • Blogging: Your potential customers are hungry for useful, interesting content that solves their problems and helps them make being decisions. A blog is the perfect place to showcase your expertise and point people in the right direction.
  • Premium Content: Like blogging, when you lead a sale with value and education your prospects are far more likely to do business with you. But content like eBooks, infographics, videos and more bring that relationship to another level.


  • Social media management: Whether or not you personally like social media, it’s hard to deny to impact it’s had on humans. We’re all communicating less in the real-world and more online. We’ll make sure your brand is part of that conversation my making sure your social media profiles stay fresh and community feels heard. (We recommend a small ad spend.)

Convert More Leads


Building on the example above, let’s say you’re still getting only 100 online visitors per week and 1 lead. That means 1% of your traffic converted.


But what if we could increase that percentage to just 3% without adding more traffic? You would TRIPLE your leads!


He can help you do this my crafting enticing offers that your audience wants and putting them in the right places so people take action.

  • Paid Ads / Retargeting: Our favorite places online to generate leads for our clients is Facebook and Google AdWords. These platforms help get your message and offer in front of the right people. (This requires a minimum ad spend of $500 per month.)


  • Forms / Landing Pages: Unfortunately you can no longer just have a “subscribe to our newsletter” button on your website. We choose specific actions we want people to take and them create pages and form that make it easy for them to convert.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization: This is basically the practice of A/B testing your marketing to see which campaigns, copy, colors, etc. turn more people into leads and then doubling down on that.


  • Offers: The best way to stand above your competition is to make better offers to your audience. (And I don’t mean reducing your prices.) You need to make people an offer they can’t refuse so they give you their contact information.

Close More Sales


Let’s be honest… The #1 reason you’re likely interested in inbound marketing is to get more customers for your business.


Attracting more people and converting more leads are essential stages of the buyer journey but are useless if you can’t close the deal.


Here’s how we’re helping our clients reach more leads and create repeat buyers:

  • Promos: We’ll help create regular promotions (ex: Black Friday, 4th of July, etc.) as a way to create “events” that get people excited and off their butts and into your business.


  • Email Marketing: Staying on the top of your leads’ minds until they’re ready to purchase is the best way to ensure none of your old leads fall through the cracks. Build an email list and regularly sending email newsletters is the best way to do that.


  • Automation / Bots: We’ll help create assets that leverage your time by automatically communicating, engaging and pitching potential customers with email and Facebook Messenger bots.
  • Sales Enablement: We only work with businesses that have a solid sales process in place so we can implement tools and best practices that better ties together sales and marketing while turning your sales team into rock starts. (ex: CRM, lead scoring, etc.)


  • Surveys / Online Reviews: Word-of-mouth is a powerful (and ancient) marketing tool that’s not going anywhere. We’ll make it easy for customers to share their experience online that encourage more new people to check you out while you get direct feedback on what they love and what needs work.

Collect More Data


The beauty of inbound marketing (really any online marketing) is the amount of data you can collect on your campaigns and clients.


Instead of spending money every month on advertising where you have to ask every person “how did you hear about us?” is a terrible strategy.


We collect, analyze and report back to you on data that’s used to optimize your campaigns and return on investment.

  • Advanced Tracking Tools: We take the guesswork out of campaign performance by using tools like Google Analytics and Hubspot to track every detail of your online presence so we stay on track to hitting your goals.
  • Monthly Reports: All of our service packages include monthly reporting based on what services we’re providing for you. This way we’ll both have accurate data to make better decisions with.
Very few people understand the tactics necessary for a successful content strategy. We continue to lean on Brian Downard’s expertise as one of the few in the industry who is able to research, design, and execute brilliant content strategies.

Douglas K. Founder & CEO, DK New Media

Brian has done an outstanding job of introducing us to the concept of inbound marketing and how significantly different it is compared to traditional marketing. We are transitioning our marketing efforts to the inbound model and have already seen great results.

Tom K. VP Client Services, Helm and Sons Amusements

How Much Do Our Services Cost?


We understand that every business has different needs and goals so we offer all of the services listed below in packages that range from $2,000 – $10,000 per month.

Attract More People



– Blogging

– Premium Content

– Social Media

Convert More Leads


– Paid Ads / Retargeting

– Landing Pages / Forms

– Conversion Rate Optimization

Close More Sales


– Email Marketing

– Automation / Bots

– Sales Enablement

– Surveys / Online Reviews

Are We A Good Fit? Let’s Talk…


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