How To Sell Anything & Get Clients w/ Landon Porter | Laptop Empires 031

Are you scared of selling? Does the thought of cold calling or cold emailing someone make you want to hide under your desk? You’re not alone…

That’s why I’m PUMPED to bring Landon Porter onto the show for this episode where he shares some invaluable (and simple) strategies you can use to sell without being “salesy” and get more marketing clients.

The problem is most digital marketers don’t know how to sell. They think more marketing and fancy hacks are what they need to attract and close more clients. NOPE…

What you need to do instead is get back to the basics and leverage your relationships with people around you to create a solid foundation of clients where you can comfortably grow from.

Using his 15+ years of experience in sales, Landon will walk you through what it takes to sell (almost anything) without all the painful rejection and frustration.

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Brian Downard

Brian Downard

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