How To “Productize” Your Services with Will Blunt | Laptop Empires 004

In this episode of Laptop Empires we’ve got Will Blunt from Blogger Sidekick talking about how he built a successful content marketing services business.

His secret? He created very specific service packages at different price points. Also known as “productizing.”

This is super important for anyone who sells a service. Whether you’re a marketer, interior designer, electrician and everything in between…

In this interview Will and I will talk about a simpler way to market and sell your services to get more of the RIGHT customer.

Here’s a few of the topics we discussed:
– How to find the right niche to sell your services too
– The pros and cons of turning your service into a “product”
– How to grow your business for free using simple partnerships with the right people and businesses
– Real life examples of how Will and I get our best clients
– What to avoid when productizing your service so you don’t go crazy


Brian Downard

Brian Downard

Hey thanks for being here! My name is Brian Downard, I'm the Founder of BD Ventures, a digital marketing consulting company that helps entrepreneurs and business leaders get the advice, tools and resources they need to win online.
Brian Downard