How To Launch A Membership Site & Get 68 Members | Laptop Empires 029

In episode 29 we’re going to break down exactly how I launched a membership site and got 68 members.

After 3 failed past attempts to launch different digital products, I won’t lie… I’ve been relishing the day I got to share details about a launch that actually went right!

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • How I used a free course to create buzz around my launch
  • How to leverage influencers and viral loops to get more people on your list for free during your launch (no JV commissions)
  • How I used a free Facebook group and 1-on-1 conversations to pre-sell my membership site and validate the idea
  • How I used urgency and scarcity to get people to take action
  • All the things that didn’t work or could have been better
  • Future plans for growing my evergreen membership site without going launch to launch
  • Resources you should check out that I used to maximize my results
  • And much more…
Brian Downard

Brian Downard

Hey thanks for being here! My name is Brian Downard, I'm the Founder of BD Ventures, a digital marketing consulting company that helps entrepreneurs and business leaders get the advice, tools and resources they need to win online.
Brian Downard