How To Create Systems To Reach Your Goals with Jeremy Montoya | Laptop Empires 005

Are you happy with where you are in life right now? If you want to level up your game, this interview with Jeremy Montoya is for you!

The problem is as entrepreneurs we have a million ideas and get pulled in a thousand directions. Knowing how to create a system around what works (while ignoring everything else) is the difference between a $15,000 per year “side-hustle” and a six or seven-figure business.

In this episode of Laptop Empires Jeremy is going to school you on what it takes to create those kinds of systems and habits in your life so you can achieve your most ambitious goals.

Here’s what we talk about:
– Why create reputable systems in your business and life is important
– How to model after people you want to be like
– Epic tools and hacks that create simple, effective systems
– Specific examples of how top-performers are using systems to win
– How to surround yourself with the right people
– How to overcome fear and objections to “leaving up” your life


Brian Downard

Brian Downard

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Brian Downard