13 Research Backed Ways To Get More Social Shares [Infographic]

Have you ever poured your heart, soul and time and a piece of content, only to have no one see it?

I sure have… It’s not a fun feeling.

Just because you build it, does NOT mean they will come…

You need to create and distribute content in a way that gets influencers and everyday readers alike to share via social media.

That’s why I teamed up with Kevin Ho at Wishpond to create this awesome infographic.

Let’s dive in…

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13 Research Backed Ways To Get More Social Shares

1. Develop A Strong Headline

  • Use numbers whenever possible
  • Keep headlines between 6-8 words
  • Use emotional and power words

2. Tell A Story

  • Create context for why a reader should be interested in your article by writing it as a story
  • Articles with stories as an introduction have proven to have over 300% higher engagement

3. Write For Middle-Schoolers

  • The best selling authors write at an 8th grade reading level. Just because people can read at a higher level, doesn’t mean they want to
  • Make it easy for people to consume your content by making it easy to skim and read

4. Use Short Sentences

  • Short sentences are easier to read, that’s a fact.
  • Never write more than 3 sentences in a row without starting a new paragraph.
  • Start a new sentence rather than using a comma.

5. Give Readers Social Currency

  • People share content that either provides value to their network, makes them feel something on an emotional level, or makes them look good
  • People will be more likely to share your content if it makes them look good and provides them with social currency.

6. Make Your Content Insanely Useful

  • There’s too much content online today, and the amount being created is increasing.
  • Always try and include actionable step-by-step takeaways, relevant downloads and worksheets to make your content stand out.

7. Make It Easy To Share

  • People will only share your article if you make it easy for them to share
  • The number one way to do this is by providing social share buttons that lets them share an article in one click

8. Write It As A List

  • Breaking down content into a list helps simplify your different points and makes your content easier to skim and read.
  • Historically, list posts rank amongst the most shareable content on the web.

9. Tag Your Content For Social Sharing

  • Strategically mention influencers and popular brands in your space.
  • Include “click-to-Tweet” links that @mentions their brand for increased exposure and reach.

10. Leverage Current Events

  • Take advantage of current events and create content around popular topics as they unfold.
  • To stay up to date with popular topics and releases in your space, be sure to subscribe  to popular publications in your niche.

11. Create Emotion

  • Create content that resonates with people on an emotional level.
  • This is not limited to positive emotions either, anger, sadness, and fear can also be powerful.
  • Be careful with the negative emotions however as you could experience backlash.

12. Use BuzzSumo to ID Sharable Content

  • Rather than killing yourself trying to find hot topics, use BuzzSumo to find what content has already performed well.
  • BuzzSumo can also act as your starting point for marketing outreach.

13. Publish (Really Original) Content

  • Publish original data that can be sourced by others.
  • Being the source for information is a great way to generate backlinks and increase your credibility online.

Shoutout to Wishpond for teaming up on this infographic. Wishpond’s social contest and promotion apps make it easy to run sweepstakes, photo contests,votes contests, and more.

Free Video Training: Want me to break down the exact strategies we’re using to help our clients compete and win online? Click here to watch the video.
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